Rules of Entry


The Tech & Innovation Awards are open to any claims department or section of an FCA-authorised insurer, Lloyd's syndicate or broker operating within general insurance in the UK. Entries in some categories are also open to startups, MGAs, service providers, technology vendors, industry partners and law firms.

Some categories are open to individuals, others to departments/teams. Make sure you read through the category entry criteria carefully to ensure that you are entering the most appropriate one.

You may enter more than one project, team or individual into a category, but ensure your written submissions make it clear precisely who or what part of the company is being entered. If you enter the same project, team or individual into multiple categories you must tailor your entry so it meets the specific category requirements.

If you are a third party entering on behalf of a client (for example, if you’re a PR agency), please also include contact details (as a cc on the online entry form) for the company entered. This will ensure that all communications regarding the awards and the judging processes etc. reach all relevant parties, in good time. We do not accept responsibility for non-receipt of any emails relating to entries submitted.

Written Submission (Stage One)

The first stage of Judging will be based on your written submission and any supporting materials you choose to include.

It is in your interest to produce a well presented, succinct and clearly written case, answering all the questions. Think about what you do that’s unique or outstanding and use metrics and data where you can to demonstrate impact and success. Make sure you keep within the word count specified.

When entering 'of the year' categories, please note that Judges will be looking to reward recent success and will therefore expect to see evidence relating to achievement/s between 1st January 2023 and 31st May 2024. The product/service/innovation itself does not necessarily need to be ‘new’ or ‘recent’, but the achievements and impact outlined within the entry must fall within these dates. Your entry must contain the specific date (month and year) that your product/service/innovation launched and any submitted metrics and results/data must also refer to clear timeframes, as stated in the category criteria. Any entries that do not specify this information will risk not being included in the final shortlist.

All information contained in the Entries and marked confidential will remain so and will not be released without the permission of the entrant.

All Entries must be made via the official online entry system. Supplementary information including charts, graphs, photos and info-boxes must be added as supporting material and NOT included on the entry form.

Supporting Material

When preparing your background materials and supporting evidence, it is quality and relevance that the judges will be interested in, not quantity. Therefore, a maximum of three supporting documents should be included.

Research documents, customer brochures, staff newsletters etc. can all help to demonstrate impact in a practical and easily accessible way and may be included where relevant.

The Judges may also review relevant websites/videos, so full URL and access codes (if applicable) should be provided. Please make sure that any links sent remain valid through to the end of the stage 2 judging (8th August 2024).

Your Entry should avoid including superfluous documents as this may undermine your submission rather than enhance it.

Presentation to the Judging Panel (Stage Two)

If your Entry is shortlisted, you will be invited to present (via Zoom) to our panel of Judges on either Wednesday 7th or Thursday 8th August (please note that if you are shortlisted in multiple categories you may be required to present on both days).

Further details regarding the platform, timings and expected content of your presentation will be sent out after the finalists are announced on Monday 8th July. Please note that if you are not available or choose not to participate in the online presentation, you may not be considered for the final award and the judges reserve the right to withdraw your entry. We cannot offer any alternative dates, times or platforms for judging.